Each and every item that you order on the NOIREPINE web store in a unique piece, prepared especially for you. We only print and manufacture our items on demand, which keeps us from over producing, while also suppressing waste and all of its negative effects.

A fair and eco responsible trade. Clothing made 100% from organic cotton, harvested according to the rules of organic farming, without the use of chemical fertilizer, pesticide or herbicide.

A local workforce treated with respect and the absolute guarantee of the absence of child and forced labor amongst the entire chain of production.

These are our funding principles.

As the fashion industry stands today, disrespectful of its workers and the environment, amongst the three largest polluters on the planet.

We refuse to see this as an irremediable fatality. And choose to do differently.

We do our best to always look for the best processes and the best materials for the creation and manufacture of our clothes.

We put a lot of effort trying to work only with minimal carbon footprint materials, and we favor suppliers who actually respect the environment and have a sustainable development policy. In order to minimize our water and carbon footprint and be as much climate neutral as possible.

Our cloth is socially responsible and has been approved by different fair trade certification labels. Ethically made from 100% Organic Products, and crucially, manufactured solely using sustainable energy generated from wind and solar power, in accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standard.

We’re embracing this new line of conduct, more suited to our ethics as well as the welfare of our planet, while offering a variety of products immersed in the streetwear culture, fresh, new and fashion.
That is our most important priority, in order to produce items of high ethics and quality.
It sets us apart from all mass production brands.
All our clothing is manufactured at Earth Positive. Please visit their website to learn more about their policies:


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